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Earn Guaranteed Profits from Professional Sports Bettors

Betfair Inv. are the online gambling group that you'll begin to notice, begin to use and begin to love. For sports betting, we operate under a bookmaker's licence issued by the Gambling Commission in the UK.As a group we comprise of experts from many fields including, Sports, Gambling, Telecommunications and Customer Support.

Betfair Inv. are all about taking the really good things from online gambling, making them better and getting rid of all of the things that people find annoying. We've set out to provide you with an experience that we, as sports enthusiasts and people who like to bet, is simply better than the rest.

Betfair Inv. understand what people really want and what's important to them. We also understand what people don't like and what's not important. We want to avoid betting jargon, complicated forms and irrelevant content. We'd rather never hear from an online gambling service than receive random communication and emails pushing us bets and info that we have no interest in.

We strive to understand what sports you like and what teams you follow, helping us to learn about what you really want to bet on and when you want to place that bet.

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Since its creation, Betfair Inv. has been a point of reference for online sports betting, thanks to a partnership between dedicated sports specialists and online games experts. Our sites and systems are scrupulously tested to ensure that they conform to regulatory gaming standards and offer a fair, transparent, safe and enjoyable gaming environment. By investing with us, you are guaranteed a stable daily profit.

how do we work?

Our professional team of experienced sports bettors carefully choose wagers with the assistance of powerful software and algorithms that give us the advantage to making winning picks. We use invested funds to make the wagers for these bets and it enables us to pay a stable return to our members over a long term. It's a win-win!

Investment Plans

Up to 121%

After 1 day

  • Limit $5 - $50000
  • Principal Included
  • Total Return - 121%

Up to 151%

After 3 days

  • Limit $5 - $50000
  • Principal Included
  • Total Return - 151%

Up to 200%

after 7 days

  • Limit $5 - $50000
  • Principal Included
  • Total Return - 200%

20% daily

for 10 days

  • Limit $151 - $50000
  • Principal Included
  • Total Return - 200%


After 15 days

  • Limit $5 - $50000
  • Principal Included
  • Total Return - 300%


After 30 days

  • Limit $5 - $50000
  • Principal Included
  • Total Return - 500%
Vip plan: 200% after 1 day
Minimum : $1000 - Maximum: $50000
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Sep-19-2018 06:40:36 AM

Tiger Woods' return 'phenomenal for the Ryder Cup

Tiger Woods' return to the Ryder Cup as "phenomenal" for the competition as the Dane prepares to captain the European team in its battle against the US.

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Sep-18-2018 07:14:27 AM

Asia Cup 2018

Sri Lanka skipper Angelo Mathews minced no words after his team were knocked out of the Asia Cup 2018, terming their performance “shocking” and “disappointing”.

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