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Gambling Movies You Should Watch

If you are a true gambling addict, then you know how much some of these films can entice you to keep playing. Some of the funniest movies with gambling themes have been hit theaters after they were released theatrically. If you are looking for some uncut gems of a movie that takes a close look at the world of gambling and tries to show the real human gambler in a good light, then look no further than The Game.

The Game is directed by none other than Clint Eastwood and features one of the most iconic stars of our time in the form of Clint Eastwood himself. As the name would imply, the film chronicles the life of molly Kaiser, a girl who has gambling addictions of her own. In the film, she is shown trying to get by in an old house, where she meets her neighbor, Mephisto, who also has gambling addictions. The two of them soon realize that they have to win the house back, as well as the money Mephisto has borrowed from the bank. There is a lot of history here, as it depicts two generations of aging men coming together to finally take home the casino they have both worked so hard for.

The second part of this crime thriller focuses on the relationship between Mephisto and his partner, Bob (James Belushi). Mephisto is a big time player in the local casino and he needs all of the help he can get to not only win back the house but also to get top dollar for his bets. Things start to go south when Mephisto learns that his partner is a “greedy” (as in “The Godfather”). The two immediately have to work out who was wrong and if it was them, then who should they trust now that everything they’ve been through has been tainted by the greed of a human being?

There is no doubt that Ben Kingsley and Mickey Rourke are wonderful together, but this is not one of those films you can just sit on the couch and look at while drinking your beer. This one is far more than that. Gambling takes a lot of skill, and when it is done correctly, it is fun. When it is not done properly, it can be very hurtful to the brain. In most cases, gambling is legal in most states, but be sure to check with your local laws before taking part in any game of luck or chance.

No list of Gambling Movies You Must See would be complete without including “Gambling Man,” which is probably the most popular and successful of all the movies. In this drama, Steve Martin plays a real life high roller who wagers ridiculous amounts of money on obscure games. He has such a good sense of the stakes that he often wins money even when he should not, and he always wins more than he loses. The movie ends with him winning millions, but he never actually wins that much. He ends up having to share some of his winnings with the other winners in the game.

Another great movie about gambling is Bugsy. In this film, Steve Martin plays a man who goes to Atlantic City, New Jersey to gamble all his money, but he ends up getting caught by the New Jersey State Police. He then gets released after paying a $300 fine. A few months later, he goes back to Atlantic City and wins the big jackpot, despite the fact that he has never been to jail.

One of the best gambling movies of all time is Croupier. The movie chronicles the life of Gambling Man, a con artist who turns con after con throughout his life, until he finally wins the ultimate prize: his own business. With the best actors in the business playing the likes of Clark Gable and James Caxton, this film is sure to be on top of the list for years to come.

Another one of my all-time favorites, Money For Nothing is another wonderful film starring Nicholas Cage as the title character, and Michael Gambon as his friend. This is a story of two con artists who wind up with the same old broken machines and are forced to steal them in order to pay their friend for stealing them in the first place. While I think the movie is very funny, and the storyline is well thought out, I would not go so far as to say that it is an excellent comedy. Instead, I would say that it is an enjoyable and suspenseful comedy, but one that has its fair share of intrigue. Though Michael Gambon does shine in this film as the star, it does not reach the greatness that Aladdin is capable of.

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